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Crossmark primarily act as Development Managers for Institutional Investment Funds and Landowners.

This means we have the freedom to propose a solution based on the available evidence rather than fitting the solution to a pre-existing business model.

Crossmark believe that it is increasingly essential for all those involved in development to take a holistic view, focussing not only on immediate investment value but also on longer term social and environmental impact.

Supporting the local economy

Crossmark work with local teams at every stage of the process including planning and construction. We seek opportunities to contribute to local economic development plans and local businesses wherever possible.


Establishing strong strategic partnerships

We seek to engage with the Local Authority and other organisations as appropriate to build strategic partnerships. This helps us to ensure that inward investment can can contribute as effectively as possible to existing local initiatives.

Active community engagement

We seek to create opportunities for open discussion and the exchange of ideas to support active community engagement and local partnerships at all project stages.

Providing education, training and employment opportunities

We support work experience for School and College students and offer potential training opportunities in Architecture, Engineering, Project Management, Construction and Residential Agency.

Supporting innovation

We seek to support emerging thinking and actively encourage innovative approaches to problem solving in key areas, with an emphasis on sustainability. We are proud to be part of the Creating Communities Together project.